WAKA Kickball T-shirt Modification – Off Shoulder

WAKA side shoulder tshirt modification front

Here is another WAKA t-shirt modification I did when I started Kickball. This one includes a little sewing , but perfection is never my style so you don’t have to be super skilled.

Step 1: Cut off one should by starting right outside of the neckline heam and a side ‘swoop’ to right under the arm on the opposite end of the shirt. I say ‘swoop’ because mine was not a straight line and and needs to curve some around the neckline before making its way to the underarm. There is no wrong way to do this.


Step 2: Turn inside out and use a 3/4″ to 1″ wide piece of elastic that is slightly longer than the new neckline (not stretched).

Step 3: Pin the end of the elastic to the top corner and about a 1/2″ down from the cut line, then keep pinning every few inches around the entire neckline (not stretched and keep the elastic 1/2″ down so you can fold the top over).

Step 4: Start sewing on the elastic on the side away from the cut end. While sewing you have to pull the material and the elastic or the elastic won’t stretch.

Step 5: Sew the elastic again, this time at the top with the material pulled over. Remember to pull your elastic. The picture is hard to tell as I didn’t take any as I made it. I also didn’t have the best sewing machine, so you can see it isn’t sewn the best, nor cut the best. I’m not a perfectionist, but no one could ever tell once on :)

WAKA should tshirt modification inside


Inside side trim

Inside side trim


Step 6: When I tried this on the side under the armpit wasn’t very good. So (with the shirt still inside out and folded in 1/2) I went in about 2″ from the side that is under the armpit and made a straight line vertically all the way down to the bottom of the shirt; then sewed. This also made the shirt more fitting. (I made a few mistakes until I found something I liked so that is why I have lots of stitches.)


Step 7: Enjoy!! For more t-shirt modifications view my other blog posts or http://kickballstrategies.com/awesome-shirt-modifications/