Turn your Seashell Beach Findings into Jewelry – tutorial for beginners


Some type of pliers. You will see what I used from the photo, but for the basic stuff you really can you a variety of types.
Pliers to cut the wire (this is small wire so for beginners you may be able to find stuff around the house cheap, use coupons, or even harbor freight or in the hardware section as very similar tools)
Beads of your choice and your seashells
Earring hooks
Wire (gauge and color/type is of your choice, I usually use around 18-22 gauge.
Felt square (optional but great way to keep the beads from rolling away!)
Small Drill Bit (one that is just slightly larger than the wire you are using. The smaller you can get the drill bit the better to not crack the seashell.)
Old book or notebook or stack of papers/magazine


1.  Lay-out your earring design on the felt square first.  This is a lot easier to do before you put the beads on the wire. It is best to always use  the seashell on the bottom.

2. Place the seashells needing a hole on top of a large stack of paper or a book with some used magazines on top. This way when they drill finally goes through the seashell it won’t damage your table.

3.  Slowly drill a hole into the seashell. You do not want to push a too much, but it will take a while.

Drill a small hole through your seashell to create earrings and a necklace

Drill a small hole through your seashell to create earrings and a necklace









4.  Follow the instructions on how to turn the seashells into earrings and necklace from my “Basic Earring Tutorial for beginners”.