Spider Web Arm Sleeves / Warmers

Black puff pain – I used Tulip’s dimensional Fabric Paint
Wax Paper
Sewing Machine – can be stitched by hand
Elastic or hair tie for top if desired


1. Measure the length of your arm from the middle of your fingers to how high up you want the sleeve.

2. Measure the width (circumference) of your arm where the top of the sleeve is going to end.

3. Measure the width of your wrist

4. Cut out a piece of tulle so the stretchiest part will be the width of your arm, 1-3 inches longer than the length you measured (1 inch if you aren’t going to add elastic, 3 if you are, I did not see a need for mine as they stayed up). Make the width of the tulle 1″ longer than the thickest part of your arm.

5. Now use a ruler to cut from the top right corner to the left side of the material at an angle so the left side is 1″ wider than the smallest part of your arm measurement. It should take the shape of the picture below.

Spider arm (3)









5. Fold the tulle over length wise and do a long straight stitch  to test it on my arm. Then, see where you want to make any modification and see how far over you need the stitching from the edge. Once I was able to see my modifications needed I just pulled the stitching out as pictured below.  I also wrapped the tulle around my middle finger to see where to put a stitch and if I needed to cut some tulle around it. I just eye-balled this and did as I saw fit. No one is going to have a sleeve like it or look up close! Use a pin to help you know where to do this just be careful taking it off! Refer to picture after step 8 to see what the shape at the end looked like for the finger wrapping.

Wrapping the Tulle around the middle finger and pinning it to see where I need to make a stitch.

Wrapping the Tulle around the middle finger and pinning it to see where I need to make a stitch.

Spider arm (10)

Once I figured out where modifications needed to be and how to wrap around the middle finger I pulled out the stitching.














6. Cut any parts of the tulle if needed. Repeat steps for second arm sleeve.

7. Lay-out the sleeve on the wax/freezer paper (one at a time, opened up. I found it best to tape the paper to the table and then tape the sleeve to the paper after I did a few paintings.

8. Start drawing your spider webs as you desire. Add some spiders too. Or whatever you want!

Spider arm (12)

Spider arm (2)









9. On another work area do the same with the second sleeve.

10. Let dry over night or longer. Some of mine stuck lightly to the paper and I just had to take some paper with me. If your see your paint is still wet then wait longer.

11. Fold your sleeves length wise, with the paint side touching (right sides together), and stitch down the side. Stop before the material curves down for the hand/finger area.

12. Stitch where you want the finger area to be. I had to put mine on, re-pin, take back off and stitch as when I tried it without doing this I couldn’t get my finger inside the opening I made. oops!  I also sewed wrong sides together on the first sleeve but was too lazy to take it out figuring in the dark and on the bottom of my arm no one would be able to tell!

Spider arm (5)











13. Now Wear Them! Show them off!! SO many people will ask you where you got them!

Spider arm (11)Spider arm (4)Spider arm (7)












To see other tulle designs I made check out my blog on spiderweb earrings and a spiderweb necklace (on the bottom of the earrings page) and a spiderweb for the main costume part!
Spider web costume (2)

Eye Make-up I made with eye liner and liquid eye shadow

Eye Make-up I made with eye liner and liquid eye shadow

Necklace without Tulle underneath

Necklace without Tulle underneath

Spiderweb earrings