Silver swirl ring DIY tutorial


Beadalon Non-tarnish Silver Plated wire in the following shapes and sizes:

20 gauge fancy round
20 gauge 1/2 round or round (I think round might look better but I only had 1/2 round)
22 gauge square
Wire cutters
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
(you may like to use other types, but those are the 2 minimum you need)



1. Cut two 6″ pieces of fancy round and five 6″ pieces of the 1/2 or all round. (I like to  try and straighten my wires by running them through my fingers and very slightly bending them the opposite way they curve after I cut my pieces. The straighter your wires, the easier this is. While working on the 3rd ring I finally got them way straighter.)

swirl ring (30)









2. Cut one 5″ piece of square wire.

3. Make a 1/2″ hook on the end of the square wire.

swirl ring (29)









3.  Lay-out the 1/2 round and fancy round so it goes : 1/2 round, 1/2 round, fancy round, 1/2 round, fancy round, 1/2 round. I struggle on this part a lot as I like the round side to be down (which I can barely tell, which is why I think just round would be better, and trying to get the wires straight is tough.)

swirl ring (28)












4. Now put the wires between your thumb and index, holding them tightly together

swirl ring (27)









5. Place hook around the 7 wire bundle at the 1/2 way point and tighten the hook with the flat nose pliers. Do NOT let go. Make sure your wires are even on the ends, if not fix them.

swirl ring (26)

swirl ring (25)









6. While holding the wires together with your fingers and the pliers, bend the wire around the 7 wire bundle and tighten again with the pliers. Try not to push the wires together so they start to overlap.

swirl ring (24)









7. Go round 8-9 times. Again, make sure your wires don’t get to tight they start over-lapping. Only do 1 bend at a time, making sure both sides of the bundle are neatly and tightly wrapped. You may also want to pull the wrapping together some using your pliers in between the bends/loops so they touch. (When working on the size 6 ring I only did 5 loop arounds.)

swirl ring (23)swirl ring (22)









8. Cut your wire how you would like it to look (at the end of the bundle, or 4 wires in) on both sides. I often unwrap my original hook as it never seems tight enough and I don’t like it. You can also life the wrapping wire up a little to cut the ends then tighten back down. This took me a little practice to get nicely. Don’t worry about your wires anywhere but where you are working. They will also be a little loose still, don’t worry, it will be tightened up by the end.

swirl ring (20)

swirl ring (21)









9. Cut a 9″  piece of square wire and make a hook. This time go about 1/2″ from one side of the last bundle you just wrapped. Make sure your wires are in the correct order still. Only do 4 loops this time.. (For rings smaller than size 7 I would go a little less than 1/2″ so your ring can be made small enough or decrease the number of loops.)

swirl ring (19)










10. Bend the end wires off to the side (one wire on each side).

swirl ring (18)











11. Wrap around the now 5 wires 4 times.

swirl ring (17)












12. Bring the end wires back and loop 4 more times then cut.

swirl ring (16)











13.  Loop the wires around your ring sizer to 1 size smaller than you are going to make.  I am making a size 8 so I am going to loop around size 7.

You want a little less than an 1″ between the end of the last set of 12 loops you did and the next set you are going to do to have room for the end swirls and fold over part. (If your ring is smaller than a 7 I would only do 8 loops instead of 12, or make the loops really close together). I marked my end spot with a marker (remember this may not come off so it needs to get covered!)

swirl ring (15)












14. Start 1/4″ back from your mark (closer to the center) and repeat steps 9-12. (for smaller rings you can do 8 loops here and not pull the end wires to the side, or do a variation of your own!)

swirl ring (16)












15. Resize ring again 1 below the size you are making. Then cut the one side of the wires about a 3/8″-1/2″ past the center point.

swirl ring (14)swirl ring (13)












16. Fold over the ends just slightly over on the side you just cut (like a tight hook). Make sure your wires are in order. Then bend and fold over again about 1/8″

swirl ring (12)swirl ring (11)swirl ring (10)











17. Curve ring around the ring sizer again.

18. Cut the other end wires about 1 1/4″ past the last wrapped bundle

swirl ring (9)












19. Start swirling your wires. You can do your own design here, cross over your swirls, etc. I like to start with the end ones using needle nose pliers and make a small loop, then grab the end of the loop and curve it just a little more. Then I like to grab my soft pliers and put the entire loop in the pliers while I turn some more. Re-grip and turn some more. I then turned the swirls sideways (you can make the swirl sideways if you are not using the 1/2 round too).

swirl ring (8)swirl ring (6)swirl ring (7)
















20. Resize by squeezing as needed or opening up, and you are done! You may need to take the flat pliers and bend part of the band of the ring some and the ends to a more closer circle. You want the ring closer to a 7 if you are making an 8 so it slightly stretches and is snug as a size 8.


swirl ring