Shelf Storage

This shelf storage idea is great for a $ savor!! They are extremelly cheap to make (less than $1 per box if you or someone you know drinks 12 packs of soda) and have a long depth to fill the shelf depth.

12 Pack Soda Boxes
Adhesive shelf Lining
Duct tape or something for a label if desired

Time: less than 15 minutes per box.

I was trying to find a box at the store that was low height so I just don’t loose my stuff inside it, but long to use the depth of the shelves and was having no luck at all!! I was using some plastic colored rectangle containers from the Dollar Store but they only went back about 8″ and I wanted something a little longer as it left a lot of space behind it on the shelf in my craft room that I could not use.  So as I was thinking things through (shoe boxes was the only thing coming to mind and are always different shapes and sized) I saw some soda boxes laying on the floor in the kitchen. I thought, those are perfect!!!!

First I cut off the “top” of the box (see picture) and taped parts that may had some rips.  I was then going to cover them up with material as I have a lot of scrap material, but then would need an adhesive glue or spray (which spray’s always over spray and make a mess for me), so I decided to use adhesive paper that is usually used for kitchen shelf linings. This was very cheap, comes in many styles and colors and SO easy to use! It is also very durable.  I also have some larger boxes I use that are heavier duty for larger storage items, and some soda boxes are doubled up to add extra support. I then put a piece of duct on the front and labeled them for what was inside.  One roll of shelf lining goes a long way if you don’t line the entire inside of the box.  I just did about an inch down so from the side you can’t tell they are not tcompletely lined on the inside.