DIY Extra Long Shower Curtain

When my man I and bought our new cute craftsman style house our bathroom had 10′ ceilings. I really wanted to accent this high ceiling but couldn’t find any shower curtains even close in the length I wanted. After a lot of thinking on maybe doing a curtain design, or trying to find material wide enough I gave up. When I was shopping for a basic shower curtain until I decided what I wanted to do I had the bright idea of sewing two together to make them longer! I grabbed 2 solid color cheap shower curtains at walmart that I wanted for my color scheme and bought a curved shower curtain rod.

Shower Curtain Rod (I like the curved ones)
2 Curtains of your choice
2 sets of shower curtain rings (or one if you have wire to make the second set like I did.)

1. Measure the height desired (remember that you have a few inches at the top of the shower rod and the shower hooks are usually an inch lower).
2. Decide how long you want each color and which color you want on the top and which one on the bottom. I used red on the top and chocolate brown on the bottom after a shower curtain I saw and really liked.
3. Measure the top (red) color from the top of the curtain down; measure twice, cut once, add an inch or so for a hem. You won’t need the part you cut off.
4. Measure the bottom (brown) color from the bottom of the curtain up; also add room for a hem. Make sure you cut from the bottom up as we are going to use the top section. Save the top section (part with the shower hook cuts) for the lining. Put this aside we will use it later in the lining section.
5. Hem both pieces where you cut them.
6. Sew the hem you sewed on the red curtain to the hem you sewed on the brown curtain that does not have to top section for the hooks on it.
Now for the liner, as the store bought liner now won’t be long enough either!
1. Take the length of the shower curtain you made and subtract the liner you bought.
2. Measure from the top section of the brown shower curtain (or whatever color your bottom curtain was) to the # you came up with in step one. Make sure you keep the part with the pre-made holes for the hooks; then cut. If your shower/tub has some height to it from the ground you will want to cut off a few extra inches otherwise the the lining will be too long in the tub. I actually had to cut apart my curtain and redo as I forgot about this, and then still trim up the bottom of the shower lining.
3. Hem where you cut.
4. Sew the bottom of the brown curtain (the part you hemmed that has the top section for the hooks on the bottom) to the top red shower curtain just underneath the part for the hooks; right sides together. (It will look like part of your shower curtain is upside down when standing in the shower).
8. Create hooks with short pieces of jewelry wire to latch the shower liner too the inside shower curtain. Or use a set of the hooks you bought. This way you can un-attach and re-attach the liner easily when needed to change out.
I took about 4″, double it up then made an S type curve. I took a close up picture also.
9. Hang your new curtain up!!

My shower curtain from inside the shower looks a little different because I forgot about needing length for the liner too! duh! So After many mess ups and ended up have the top of both curtains through the hooks, and used the top of a liner I had so I would have a place for hooks for the actual liner. By flipping around the bottom color for the top of the lining inside the shower this will save you time and look way nicer than mine. The only advantage to my way was that you don’t see the hooks when standing in the shower.

shower curtain (3) shower curtain (2) shower curtain (1)

These S hooks are great to attach the lining to the curtain that you’ll see from the shower if you don’t want to make your own!