DIY Wide Bathroom Shelves and Towel Holder

So I was looking for something cheap for shelves above my toilet, but I also wanted them wider than normal shelves come.  I never seem to be able to get my towels rolled up so short and not look bulky. So I got on my favorite Pinterest but still didn’t have too much luck.  I did see some metal shelves I liked but couldn’t find any metal wall decor that was my desired size. Then I saw one that was held up by leather straps, but didn’t really like the leather or any other design. So off to the store I went to think of my own ideas.

I wanted my shelves 3′ long and 10″ deep, so I bought wood that I liked the look of that was 10″ wide and 6′ long.  You can have them cut the wood for you if you don’t have a saw at home, or if there are planks that come in the size you want then you are all set! Lucky for me the had a straight piece that I liked that was already 10″ wide and I have a table saw.


Wood to your desired size
Wood Stain (very small bottle)
Foam brush (to apply the stain)
Jute Webbing (linked below, at least 5 1/2 yards)
Screws and washers (what is around the house is probably fine)
Sand Paper


1.) Cut your boards to desired length, sand and stain them.  I like to use a foam brush and lightly wipe off with a paper towel. I actually didn’t have a foam brush around me for some odd reason so I just used paper towels and it worked fine. It was also hot outside so I was able to flip them over quickly and do the other side in one sitting, yay Florida! Let completely dry before hanging.

2.)  Measure 4 pieces of Jute Webbing to be 42″ each.  I happen to be at Jo-Ann when I was looking for something to hold up the shelves and found this. It was perfect and the red matched my bathroom! (I believe they have blue too). It was about $.90/yard, so super cheap. I got 6 yards because I didn’t know how much I would need. This worked out great for me because I was able to use the extra for the towel holder!

3.)  Fold over the end of the webbing 2″ and use the grommet kit to place in two grommets next to each other. I didn’t take pictures of my steps as I didn’t have the blog yet, so I hope this close up helps. Make sure the nice side of the grommet is on the side that doesn’t have the end of the material showing. Mark where you want the holes first with a marker, then make a small ship with the scissors so you can get the grommets through.

I bought a grommet kit as they are super easy and cheap to use. I bought large gromments because the material was wide I was thinking my screws were, silly me, so I had to also use washers. But if you use lath screws as they have a wider head you may not need to, but if the screws you use go through the grommet, I would recommend adding in a washer to keep them secure.  I just used stuff I had laying around the for screws and washers. Mine don’t match in color as you can see, but no one is going to analyze it that much!

View of the double folds for the gromments

View of the double folds for the gromments


4.) Fold over the opposite end of the same strip of webbing 2″.  Line the fold up with the other end you just did in front of it. Mark the ungrommet side with your marker through the grommets you just did so the holes line up.  Then make a small cut and insert two grommets on this end.

5.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 with each strip of webbing.

6.) Measure where you want the straps to be in the bathroom. I had my bf hold up the shelf so I could get the shelf level and visualize where I wanted them, marked the wall with a marker then proceeded with my holes.

7.) Drill in your screws through the grommets with the washer between the screw and the webbing. Depending on your walls you will probably want some type of butterfly or wall anchors. You may also have to pre-drill your holes. We have the old house so we have to pre-drill or we wont get anything through the wall or get a big hole and a mess.  What fun.

Over toilet shelf holder webbing with 2 grommets, washer then screw on top

Over toilet shelf holder webbing with 2 grommets, washer then screw on top

8.) Slide in your shelves (if you don’t have room to slide in your shelves make sure you have them in your webbing before you screw them in, you will probably need help with this if so).

9.) Decorate your two shelves!!

Now for the hand towel holder

1.) Cut a piece of 26″ long.

2.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 as you did with the webbing for the shelves but you only need one grommet in the center as it isn’t holding anything heavy.

Hand Towel Holder with 1 grommet on top

Hand Towel Holder with 1 grommet on top

3.) Hang up and insert your hand towel.

So easy!! I’m so glad I had extra webbing as a nice hand towel was also on my list of things to buy. I never thought of doing it myself, duh!