DIY Spider & Spiderweb Earrings Tutorial

*Information on making a matching necklace below* *Full Spiderweb costume here*

Black Tulle
Puff Paint (I used Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint)
Glitter – optional
Wax or freezer paper
Tape (I used masking tape)
Sharpie (or any marker that works)
A pair or Earring hooks


1. Tear a piece of wax paper about 6″ long

2. Draw your design on one end of the wax paper with a sharpie. Make sure you create some time of larger item (spider head or a circle) on the top so you can get the earring hook through it.

The beginning of my web, each 1 1/2" long.

The beginning of my web, each 1 1/2″ long.










3. Once your design is complete, fold over the wax paper so you can see your design through another section of the wax paper (try to keep your design away from the edges, I got my one really close and this made it a little tricky). Trace your design on the wax paper. You can see here when I started tracing the web. I also went back and added a circle on the top of the web to be able to get my earring hook into something. Your design will be on the back side of the wax paper when unfolded, but since you can see through the wax paper, that is ok!

Folding the wax paper over to trace the design.

Folding the wax paper over to trace the design.













4. Tape down the wax paper. Then cut out two pieces of Tulle (any shape as you will trim them later) and tape them to the wax paper or table also (the flatter you get the tulle the easier to work with).

5. Trace your design with the puff paint and add sprinkles if you want.

Design taped down and traced with puff paint

Design taped down and traced with puff paint













6. Let dry at the least over night (I pulled mine up in the morning and it came up but was a tad wet on the bottom.

7. Cut the tulle out around the design and poke a hole in the circle up top to add in your earring hook.
Now show them off!
I got this idea from how to make window clings as a kid and a tutorial on how to make a Web necklace from another blogger For my necklace I made it a little smaller, hand drew the design, did one less ‘loop’ and added some glitter. I then was getting red quickly from the tulle (as you can already see in the picture, so I re-did it again with no tulle and made sure my lines where thick and continuous. This worked out great!

I wanted my necklace to fit under my neckline.

spider web necklace

Spiderweb necklace with tulle


Necklace without Tulle underneath

Necklace without Tulle underneath