DIY Owl Pillow

My niece has been visiting me for the last few weeks and is obsessed with owls. We went to a bridal shower and the lady had this cute tiny owl pillow so we decided to make one at home with our touch. She made most of this (I had to help with the zig-zag stitching around the wings and eyes though), so this is a great project for younger ones and beginners.

I let my niece pick out the material (we actually got 1 yard as we used the other half for a string back pack – also a tutorial) and the matching parts. We were really happy with the turn out as she wanted a large stuffed animal she could hold at night.

1/2 yard of material
2 pieces of felt (or you can use material too)
2 large buttons (once again you can use material too)
Stuffing (not sure how much I used as I have a HUGE box I bought with a 40% off coupon for pillows, also depends on your size and ‘stiffness’)

1.) Lay-out your material and decide the design of your choice and your size desired. We went about 18″ high, 13″ wide and made it rectangle except for a curve on the top for the ears. I am going to use our measurements but you will have to adjust. First we measured 18″ high on the material and created a fold so the material is now doubled and folded on the bottom of the ‘owl’. If your material designs goes a different direction your fold may have to go on the side, which is ok.

2.) Cut out a rectangle with the tallest you want the owl (after the ears) and the widest width and account for an 1/2″ hem (or whatever you desire). I like to keep one of the rectangle sides folded so you have two rectangles and don’t have to worry about sewing one side. You can also just cut out 2 rectangles to your desired size and pin them together when sewing.

3.) Fold the double rectangle in half length wise and draw out a curve design for the ears. Remember you want the ears an inch or so wider than the final outcome as you will need a hem all the way around and they will get quite a bit smaller.

Our Rectangle with the fold on the bottom of the ‘owl’ and then folded in 1/2 length wise with our design cut (you can see our chalk marking was smaller because I almost forgot to account for the ear hem!)
Owl Pattern

4.) Open up your owl and make sure you like it. I also ironed my new crease at the bottom of the owl just so the material would stay doubled up easily. Turn wrong sides together and put aside.
owl open s2

5.) Cut out the wings, eyes and nose with the felt (or material if you choose). For the wings I did the same as the owl body and folded the felt in half then in 1/2 again so I only had to cut out the bottom of a wing design so they were symmetrical and identical, and then opened it up and cut along my first fold to get the 2 wings. For the eyes I used the bottom of a pint glass (make sure the felt is doubled so they are the same size) as this was slightly bigger than our buttons. I just did a random triangle for the nose.


owl wings s3b

Wings Doubled before cutting into 2 wings

owl wings s3

Wings doubled then folded in half and cut to create a curve

owl eyes

Tracing the Eyes (double felt before cutting)










6.) Lay out the parts on your Owl, pin and stitch. We used a zig-zag stitch.

My niece sewing on the parts

My niece sewing on the parts

Parts of the owl pinned down

Parts of the owl pinned down








7.) Place and sew on the buttons for eyes. We did our slightly cross-eyed.

Owl with the parts stitched on and they eyes layed down

Owl with the parts stitched on.

8.) Turn your own right sides together and stitch around, but make sure you leave a few inches on a side (or bottom if you don’t have a fold there) to stuff the owl.

Owl with our dog :)

Owl with our dog :)

Completed Owl

Completed Owl