DIY Large 4′ Bean Bag Chair Slip Cover Tutorial

This is a great pattern to make your own giant bean bag chair if you sew it up by hand or use a zipper, Velcro or buttons. Other good material choice that are cheap would be to use two old sheets. They wouldn’t even have to be the same. I used part of one since I ran short on material! Shucks! We had to empty out our bean bag first as it needed washed. It took 4 giant garbage bags, 2 people, lots of pins to hold the bags to the bean bag and a big mess! But it will be worth it once it is all done! Materials: 4 yards of material of choice or 2 different patterns if you want the circles different than the sides. The material has to be 56″ wide.  I used a thick piece of material I bought from walmart on the $1.50 clarence rack a while back. Chalk Tape measure Straight pins Sewing machine & thread 160″ Velcro (4 1/2 yards) of sewing velcro (I used stick on as that is what I had, but I do not think it will do well after a few washer or stay secure for small bean bags. I created a link to both kind. I was also too lazy to go get sew on and spend the extra time.) The sew-on velcro has a little bit of flat space next to the hook and loops that lets you sew, where the stick-on does not.

1. First take measurements of bean bag chair. Mine were as follows: Measurements: 2 circles with a diameter of 48″ (includes hems) connected by a rectangle piece that is approx. 151″ long by 26″ wide (I actually used the circumference formula C=d*pi to get the length (48″*3.14) I’m going to add 4″ to everything as I want to be able to easily remove the cover.

2. Cut two piece of material 54″ long (54″ each).

3. Lay one piece on top of the other with the top one face side down.

4. Find the center of the material and pin your measuring tape to it (or cut a string of ribbon 26″).

5. Grab your chalk (u can use whatever but this will come out in the wash and not show through) at 26″ (1/2 of 52″) and draw a huge circle with a radius of 26″. This should take you almost to the edge of the material.

6. Cut the 2 circles out at the same time and set aside.

7. Cut a piece of material 80″ long (gives you extra just in case), then cut this piece length wise in 1/2 so you have 2 pieces that are 80″ long by 27″ wide. I had to use some scrap material as I was short 10″ :( (I actually used a sheet that had some small tares in it that I didn’t care for that I previously turned into scrap.)

8. Sew one end of the rectangle piece to one end of the second rectangle together to create one long rectangle. (You could always use a variety of patterns or colors for the rectangle piece and sew them all together for the 154ish inches).

9. Lay 1 of the circles pattern side up (right side up). Take the end of the rectangle and start pinning the edges together. Make sure the right side of the rectangle piece is facing down so rights sides are together. Cut off any access material on the rectangle. (I actually skipped pinning and just slowly sewed while holding together.)

10. Sew where you pinned. I used a small hem as I don’t have much wiggle room on the height of the been bag chair and since this is a slipcover I don’t want it smaller than the bag. I later found out I would have plenty of room!

Giant bean bag cover (3)













11. Sew on the Velcro (or stick) to the inside of the other circle and the outside of the rectangle (now a circle) that you didn’t sew yet.

Giant bean bag cover (4)













12. Lift the bean bag into the parts sewed together and then Velcro on the bottom! Flip over, and ta-do! Enjoy! :) Or in our case, let your dogs enjoy! I actually had a lot of room :) I forget how much these bean bags compress down!

The Giant Bean Bag inside the sewed together parts

The Giant Bean Bag inside the sewed together parts

Giant, removable, washable bean bag cover!

Giant, removable, washable bean bag cover!