DIY Christmas Tree Necklace and 3D ATC

I am heading to an Artist Trading Card swap out but unfortunately I do not draw :( But a few of my friends are participating and I really wanted to go and get some cool cards! So, the host of this event knows I love making jewelry and suggested making a Jewelry Artist Trading Card (ATC). I thought what a great idea!!

With Christmas coming up and the Green Christmas tree earrings by wire wrapping that I made (click here for that blog) I thought making necklaces or Tree Ornaments would be a very cute idea!


Soft silver wire (around 18 gauge)
Pointy Pliers
Deluxe Jig Kit (I use Artistic Wire)
Thin Red Ribbon
Brown Beads and beads for the ‘ornament’

Wire Cutters


1. Grab 8 of the smallest pins and 4 a size up.

2. Arrange the pins to make an upside down V with the larger pin on the top, then the next row down place 2 small pins slightly out from the last row. Complete until you have 5 rows. For the 6th row use two of the larger pins, the skip a row and place the last larger pin in the center so it is aligned with the first pin.

Line the Pins up as an upside down V

Line the Pins up as an upside down V













3. Cut a piece of green wire 12-16″ long (if you want a smaller tree, cut 12″ long and skip the last row of loops).

4. Start a little from the end and wrap the wire around the first pin.

Wire Wrapped around first two rows

Wire Wrapped around first two rows













5. Lift the wire off the pin and cut the little excess wire.

6. Then Wrap the wire around the pin to the right on the next row, starting on top of it and looping around the bottom. Then loop around the left pin on that row starting at the top and loop around coming out at the bottom.


Tree Earrings (4)











7. Repeat step 7 until you reach the bottom. I like to push my wire down after every loop and keep a finger on top of the pins to keep the wire from coming off. Also, make sure you are pulling some after each loop when entering the next loop to get a nice clean line.

Tree Earrings (5) Tree Earrings (6)











8. Wrap around the bottom pin going around the top of it to the right and looping under and to the left. Then bring the wire back around to the right.

Tree Earrings (7)












9. Lift your tree up and loop around the bottom loop once more with pliers and push up the circle to touch the bottom of the tree.

10. Fix your loop on the top with pliers also if you would like.

Tree Earrings (8)











11. Cut 2″ of the red wire.

12. Make a loop at the end of the red wire while placing the bottom loop of the tree inside.

Tree Earrings (9)

Tree Earrings (10)











13. Place on two brown beads.


14. Make a loop on the bottom of the beads like you did for step 12. I like to place my pliers slightly down on the wire, make a loop, then wrap the wire around the top of the loop. (As shown the best I could in the pics below.)

Tree Earrings (12)  Tree Earrings (11)  Tree Earrings (13)











15. Turn the top Loop sideways so you can get in a ribbon for the necklace. Then place the ornament bead as you would like on the wire and loop around the bead.  Secure the wire in the back. I used a bead that looked best facing forwards so I had to make my loops a little different than if you were just to add a bead on top.

Loop for the necklace

Loop for the necklace

Loop on the back after the tree topper is on.

Loop on the back after the tree topper is on.

Tree topper closed

Tree topper closed














16. I then put them on some ATC I cut down from cardstock and placed in a bag!

Artist Trading Card (ATC) with wire work.

Artist Trading Card (ATC) with wire work.